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Apr 21 2011

Anatomically Correct

Shin SpintsAnother week is in the book of trails. Or trials. It all depends on how you view the journey.

Each week, as expected, the intensity gets more and more difficult. With this week’s rotation, I became reacquainted with my shin splints (or “medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS)” if you’re anatomically in the know, as I am.) It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed each other’s company and I thought (hoped) they were gone for good. I even sent them a “Thank you for coming!” card last year. Guess it’s a testament to the fact that treadmills really are not the same as asphalt, concrete and trail running.

Before our outing Wednesday, the coaches had us meet up for a quick overview of some Trigger Point products, which are meant to “unlock the potential energy in your body and turn it into performance.” Most of my potential energy is still locked away, seemingly opposed to being turned into anything other than sleeping neurons. I hate to disturb them. They look so peaceful when they’re sleeping.

I digress.

The Trigger Point products that were demonstrated for us are meant to help us deal with the new aches, pains and stiffness that some of us are suffering now that we’re forcing our muscles to do things they aren’t used to doing. Like move.

Trigger Point Starter KitI used one of the products to help stretch out the muscles surrounding my calf and shin, and the process hurt as much or more than the shin splints themselves. I was assured this was perfectly normal and, despite my tears, I continued to stretch the muscles out. I only did one leg, though, as I wanted to compare the feeling to prove that it did/did not improve my comfort.

I have to say, I completed the intervals for the night with little-but-some shin pain. I don’t know if the decrease in pain from previous nights was due to the stretching or simply the fact that I paid more attention to what I was doing, where I planted each step. The terrain was different, as well. We went along a different path than the one we’ve been using. Pretty. Perhaps the ducks, green grass and pretty blooming flowers took my mind away from the burning sensation in my legs – I don’t know.

In conclusion…I don’t really have a conclusion. Only with time (and x-rays) will I be able to determine whether I might actually be able to run comfortably for a distance. A small distance. Any distance.

Like I always say (when I’m in a super positive mood) doing anything is far better than doing nothing at all. One of my least favorite words of all – stagnant. I’m already working on my next post to elaborate!




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