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Jan 25 2012

The Belt of Boredom

Here’s something.

Something I figured out a while ago, but only recently accepted.

Now that I’m a three-time Veteran of the Beginning Running for Women’s class, I’ve come to realize…I’m spoiled.

It occurred to me while I was completing my honor run at the gym this week. On a treadmill. I was bored.

B. O. R. E. D.


In the past year, I’ve noticed how bland life is on the treadmill at the gym. It takes everything I’ve got just to stay on long enough to complete my scheduled intervals. I keep wondering what has changed, as that is how I had previously completed my walking/running regimen and I don’t have any memories of practically falling asleep on the moving belt.

Then – the light went on in my head; competing with the overpowering fluorescents that illuminated the spacious gym.

It was The Group. Or lack thereof.

All that gibberish about how I’ve got to now learn how to live within a society, rather than watch it PureWow.comfrom afar with my feet on a stool while I sip on a Slurpee. All the droning on and on about the “talk tests” while we exercise. All of the mingling and group learning we’ve been doing in the RFW classes.

They’ve spoiled me.

It seems now, without human interaction of likeminded people, it has grown more difficult to move along in this journey alone. I very well may have accomplished something I did not think I would. I’ve found the benefits of group running! Not just because I googled it & came up with a couple of neat ‘’ pages, but I’ve actually experienced the benefits on my own. Well…on my own…with a group.

In a running group, you (the “universal you“) not only gain the pleasure of knowing you’re probably more safe than you would be if you were solo, but also the thrill of knowing if you get lost or it’s dark and scary, you likely have someone next to you or within the group who knows the way home. Therein lies a great reason for me to further delve into the social aspect of the whole gig.

Well, that and the fact that having a group show up at the same place, same days and same times every week and knowing they are expecting me – dare I say hoping for me – to come join them, seems to be just the motivation I need to set down my Slurpee and let Sir James the Cat know the stool upon which he’s been sleeping for hours is finally all his.

About the stuff I found. Here are some other benefits:

Here are some other ‘beginning runner’ links that you might find helpful:

These links are pretty much for those of you reading that may know me. I think they were written for my kind, specifically:

I also found information about “How to Find Romance Through Running.” But that ship has sailed for me. Besides, nobody I want to romance should be seeing me all beat up and broke down from my tri-weekly jaunts.

It’s just not right.





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  1. Haven says:

    Nice!! And yes we definitely hope for you to show up!!

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