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Mar 22 2011

Dueling Banshees

The past twelve months have been a year in which I’ve ventured ever-so-gently outside my cozy comfort zone.

Running FeetIt all started when I joined a gym. That part wasn’t too frightening. Actually going to the gym is another story. I don’t even like to see myself in exercise mode; much less have other lookie loos staring in my general direction while I’m attempting (and, at times, succeeding) to throw one soggy foot over the other on the elliptical machine.

Still, I did it. I joined and I went. And I continue to go to this day. The results? Not exactly what I had hoped when I began my journey. But I’ve come to understand this is my journey. It will lead wherever it leads. It may take some dangerous or meandering back roads, but unless and until I hear a kid playing the banjo from his rocking chair on the porch, I will keep moving. If that time does come, I will still keep moving, albeit in the opposite direction and more quickly.

My latest uncomfortable venture came in the form of a women’s running group. For months I have been looking at the sign-up sheet for each of the different “Running For Women” sessions as they came and went. For some reason, the upcoming session drew me in and I finally bit the bullet and completed the form.

I turned in my personal information, paid a hefty fee and signed on the lines agreeing to release the company of any wrongdoing should I fall over and die during the course of the class. Then, I attended the “initiation gathering” and found out a little more about what I’d just stepped into.

After listening to the creators of the course and the two instructors who will be running with us, I now understand I’ve joined a gaggle of girls that I believe will be talking the entire time we are together. Each presenter could not say enough about how much everyone will talk and enjoy each other’s company. I felt like breaking out into a round of “Kumbaya” and braiding the hair of the lady sitting in front of me.

I managed to refrain from all things hippie.

When I joined this group, I was under the impression (all my fault) I would be able to simply toss some ear buds in, put on my favorite “get up and go” tunes and be on my way. The function of the rest of the crew was merely to help me find my way back when I inevitably got lost and also to call the ambulance when I inevitably stumbled and broke a body part.

I had it all wrong.

Now that I’ve joined The Group, The Group is under the impression I will not wear ear buds, will hear only “get up and go” screams from the Instructors at the front and back of The Group and will be on my way only when The Group says WE will be on OUR way.

What have I done?


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